STUDER OnAir 1500 (12-Fader)

The OnAir1500 is Studer’s compact broadcast production mixer based around the NanoScore processing rack andwith options for a 6 or 12 fader control surface. The NanoScore has a fixed set of audio connections (16 analogue I/O and 8 AES I/O) plus a double width D21m slot of further expansion. The mixer engine provides 12 stereo inputs mixing to Main, Record and 4 Aux buses.

The Studer OnAir 1500 shares the same technology, user controls and operating software with the OnAir2500 and 3000 ranges. Multi-room facilities can be specified with the most appropriate Studer OnAIr mixer in each studio, and the overall system set up with interactive logic and access to common resources. Additional Studer software licences are available to integrate OnAir1500 mixers with station management and automation systems.

The OnAir1500 is suitable for smaller on-air broadcast studios that require a limited amount of processing and are simple to operate.

  • 12-channel, 6-fader console with Studer NANO SCORE DSP and I/O Engine, 100 mm faders
  • 6-fader add-on expansion module, 100mm faders
  • Super slim design for ergonomic table top installation
  • Flush-mount and 19″ rack-mount options available
  • Full channel processing, including four-band EQ, compressor, limiter, expander, gate and de-esser
  • Comprehensive monitoring and talkback with unique headphone split mode and internal speaker
  • OLEDs (Organic LED) in fader strips and central module provide clearest displays.
  • Ergonomic, easy-to-learn Touch ‘n’ Action™ user interface.
  • USB jingle playback and bus recording facilities
  • I/O Expansion through standard Studer D21m card slots
  • Complete integration with Radio Automation Systems, Studer’s Call Management System, and RELINK our I/O sharing technology
  • Advanced timer functionality
  • USB user identifier for easy user rights assignment


Standard I/O:

  • Inputs: 16 Mic/Line, 4 stereo AES (with SRC), D21m card slot, USB
  • Outputs: 16 Line Out, 4 stereo AES, D21m card slot, USB
  • Control: 8 x GPI, 8 x GPO, Ethernet
  • Busses: 1 stereo PGM, 1 stereo RECORD, 1 stereo PFL, 4 N–1 busses (AUX), 1 Audition, CR and ST monitoring (stereo)


With simple point-to-point connectivity, the OnAir 1500 can be easily moved around as a backup or secondary unit, with a recommended maximum distance of 60 m away from its core when connected via high-quality Cat5 cabling.

Flexibility is increased with addition of the 6-fader extension bay, creating either a 12 fader surface, or 6 faders can be remotely placed in a producer’s bay or used as a redundant surface. The system can bridge the gap between on-air and production needs, offering an all inclusive design of features and function to improve ease and efficiency of executing great programming in either setting, all of the time.

Input Channels

Channel parameters such as EQ and dynamics can be comfortably edited using console controls in combination with the OLED channel displays without requiring an additional screen or PC. For more advanced operation, the console provides interfaces for connecting a PC screen, keyboard and mouse.

Master Section and Monitoring

The master section gives the operator simple yet comprehensive access to the signal monitoring and switching for control room and studio with an internal speaker preconfigured to output CUE and talkback signals. Audio monitoring is augmented by two 29 segment stereo bargraph PPMs providing constant overview of all important signals; 6 different meter standards available. Unique features such as Headphone Split allow the user to listen to two different sources, one through the left earpiece, the other through the right. Preset buttons also allow one-touch control of all monitoring. Additional monitoring for separate studios is available via an external Monitoring/ Talkback unit for added flexibility.

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