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AdaptEar® is a discrete device that plugs in line between a PMR or broadcast communications system and the users earpieces. It provides the user with protection against high sound levels.

To provide maximum protection the sensitivity of the AdaptEar® should be adjusted before use, by the user, to match the sensitivity of the earpieces they are using and the intended listening period. Providing the user with the ability to change the sensitivity, allows them to set AdaptEar® for use with different earpieces, for example some AdaptEar® users have generic earpieces for low ambient noise conditions, changing to custom moulded in ear monitors with custom moulded attenuators for high ambient noise environments.

In operation excessive signal levels from the PMR or broadcast communications system are limited and cause the limiting light of the AdaptEar® to flash or illuminate, not only informing the user that limiting is taking place and they are protected but also that they might be advised to turn down the volume of the source. This feature also enables the user to test the unit is operational before use.

AdaptEar® allows the user to safely connect earpieces, using the appropriate Factory Accessories cables to a wide range of communications devices.

AdaptEar® has two inputs, a 6 pin latching miniDIN primary source and a 4 pole 3.5 jack Aux In for a secondary source which enables the simultaneous connection and monitoring of other audio sources.


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