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Klark Teknik DN1248 Split

The DN1248 PLUS-DP from Klark Teknik is a twelve-channel active signal splitter that provides four discrete outputs, two of which are electronically balanced and two which are transformer isolated. The unit utilizes Midas Heritage series preamps that provide wide headroom and excellent sound.

Uses for the unit include the sending of stage microphones and instruments to the FOH mixer, while also sending feeds to the monitor mixer, and simultaneously to two outside broadcast/recording trucks. For instrument connection, appropriate DI boxes need to be used.

The front-panel contains the twelve inputs along with three of the outputs. Also on the front-panel are solo, pad and gain, ground lift and phantom power switches. The rear-panel provides the fourth output, along with duplicates of the input channels and output 1, wired in parallel. The duplicates are provided for connection convenience, and should not be used simultaneously.

The solo switches allow for monitoring individual channels via a front-panel headphone output. Multiple units can be linked, and the soloing of any channel on any unit can be monitored from any unit, thanks to solo bus connectors.

The DN1248 PLUS-DP features dual, redundant power supplies, providing a second, linked internal PSU to provide auto-backup in the case of PSU failure. The rear panel of this unit includes separate green LED indicators for each power supply. If one power supply fails then the corresponding LED will cease to illuminate.


  • Twelve-channel microphone splitter with Midas Heritage series preamps, each feeding four discrete outputs
  • Connector configuration allows instant system upgrade with no re-wiring
  • Input connectors available in parallel on both front- and rear-panels
  • Provides two electronically balanced and two transformer isolated outputs per channel
  • Each channel can be soloed via dual mode operation. When pressed briefly, the solo function will latch on electronically – if the button is pressed and held, the solo is active only for as long as the button is held down
  • Headphone amplifier for monitoring soloed channels includes volume control and six-segment LED bargraph
  • Solo In/Out connectors allow multiple units to be linked and the solo system permits headphone monitoring from any of the linked units
  • Each channel features separate +30dB boost and -15dB pad switches
  • 48V phantom power available on each channel
  • Ground lift switch per channel
  • Provides dual-redundant power supplies for secure operation in the event of a PSU failure
Klark Teknik

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