Terry Tew Hire Catalogue

Ampetronic ILD300

This model is designed to cover loop areas up to square areas of 250 square metres, or rectangular areas of over 400 square metres, depending on loop-aspect ratio.

The ILD300 is built in a half rack-width case. On the rear it has a single balanced microphone input using an XLR connector, with +15V phantom power available. A balanced line input is provided using a 6.35mm 3-pole jack socket, and an input / output using a 6.35mm three-pole jack for recording, slave and insert purposes. A mini-DIN connector provides an ancillary DC outlet, +/- 15V DC, for powering accessories such as Ampetronic’s pre-amplifiers, See Ampetronic Adapters and Pre-amplifiers. A preset control sets metal-loss correction. The IEC power inlet has an associated fuse, the loop output uses a detachable connector.

The front has recessed preset controls for sensitivity of the microphone and line inputs, drive current. Two four-LED displays indicate compression and loop current. LEDs indicate overload, over heat and loop error conditions. A 3.5mm stereo jack socket provides access to the actual audio signal in the loop for use with headphones. The power switch has an associated LED. It may be used free-standing or mounted in a rack or on a wall using accessory brackets.


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