Terry Tew Hire Catalogue

AKG D190 Microphone

This AKG D 190 E is a general purpose dynamic microphone, great for use in any type of occasion. This AKG microphone uses electromagnetic induction to produce superior quality sound, regardless of the user’s intended application. With its cardioid polar pattern, the AKG D 190 E allows the user to be clearly understood whether speaking or singing despite any background music, filtering out unintended noise. Using its shock mounted transducer, this dynamic microphone produces superior fidelity sound no matter where the source had come from.

Using the built in noiseless toggle switch, this AKG microphone allows the user to easily begin and end the performance without unintended sounds being transmitted accidentally, leading to a superior level of stage professionalism. With its die cast metal cylinder and matte finished nickel plating, the AKG D 190 E is an exceptionally durable microphone that will last through numerous shows of any intensity level.


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