FM Transmitter Package for Drive-In Movies

If you’re looking to host a Drive-In Movie event then we have the audio solution for you.

We have recently taken stock of the Eddystone Broadcast XE10 FM Transmitter and DEVA Broadcast SmartGen Mini RDS Encoder and in today’s socially distanced climate, these events will become more and more popular over the summer and are the conscientious approach for any film fan.  

The XE10 FM Transmitter is an advanced, fully featured broadcast FM exciter allowing you to transmit to a large area.

Used in conjunction with the DEVA Broadcast SmartGen Mini RDS Encoder you’ll be able to display messages directly to your visitors car radios, for example; the film’s start and end time, Exit details and Health and Safety statements.

We have the complete solution available for hire, so please contact us on 020 8502 2943 or email us at